Friday, August 26, 2011

Month 2 (weeks 5-8)

Well, during this time in Sadie's life, she was getting adjusted (as were we) to life with severe reflux. ha! By week 5, I think the medicine began to control it a lot better. Daddy was at work, and we began to settle into a routine at home!

Sleep: Around 7 weeks, she began only waking up one time to feed in the middle of the night-around 3-4 am. This was a wonderful milestone to reach! By 3-4 am, I was feeling pretty rested! It's amazing how little sleep you can truly live on as a mom! She was able to go a 7-8 hr stretch between feedings at night. This meant, we could begin to put her to bed earlier instead of having a late night feeding at 10.

Sadie began to settle into a great nap routine also. She napped between each feeding. Most of the time, I would wake her to feed-which meant she would nap about 2 hrs. She liked to be awake no longer than an hour from the time she woke up, fed, etc. So, our play times were short.

She gave us her first smile around 5 weeks! By week 7, if we looked and were goofy at her, she would laugh at us! This is such a wonderful milestone to reach!

We made our first out to lunch outing with Randi, Michelle, and baby Brooks. Sadie slept most of the time! She went on her first jog with Daddy at 6 weeks. We put her belly down on her boppy, and she was really able to hold her head up well around 6-7 weeks old.

Around 5 weeks, we had a bad reflux flair up. Just as soon as we were under control, I think I ate some acidic fruit that bothered her.
Stats: 5 weeks she weighed 9 lb 9 oz. I'm not sure of her length...but I remember it was in the 90th percentile (about).

Monday, August 8, 2011

Month 1

Well, I will spare all of the details of how this sweet angel came into the world...but here are the highlights:
Went in to the doctor on April 26th because I was so uncomfortable...I was 4 1/2 cm and they said I could stay if I called the fam to come in town, and planned on going in the next morning. We knew there would be bad weather, but we had no idea what we were in store for. After about 8 hrs of labor (with an epidural of course), and many miracles throughout the day (where it was just so plain and obvious Jesus was saying "I'm right here with ya!", Sadie decided it was time to make her appearance, and so did the tornadoes!
When I began to push, the power went out. The head nurse came in and said they'd have to unhook my epidural and move me to the hallway because a tornado was within a short distance from the hospital. To my rescue comes good ole Dr. Callison. She says, no we wont go int he hallway, this baby needs to be BORN now. She said it was to unsafe to prolong the labor, and a c-section was not an option (little Sadie for a while was thought to be facing the wrong way). So she did an ultrasound, saw she was turned the right way (miracle) and gave the go ahead to begin pushing again. With the help of Mr. Vaccuum, Sadie entered the world. Little did we know the entire city of Huntsville (and north alabama) was without power-and the chaos that was going on in the world around us. All we knew was that our angel had so perfectly come into the world! Now starts the "speed bumps" that came after her birth...from hardly any food at the hospital bc of the state of emergency, no air, no visitors allowed (including family) was a rough few days. We traveled to Nashville when we left the hospital so that we'd have air, power and FAMILY!!

The first month of Sadies life was a bit rough-as we found out she had pretty bad reflux-which had been making her scream day and night...for quite a few weeks. We had to just keep persevering knowing that she'd come out of it soon! We could not have done it without the help of sweet Mi Mi. She came to visit a few times in the first month to help take care of Sadie (and me). Thankfully, John had 3 weeks of vacation. By the time he went back to work, things were getting more under control.

By the time Sadie was 4-5 weeks old...she was too long for newborn clothes!! We went for a checkup on May 11th (two weeks old), and she was already 20 1/2 inches, head 14inches, and she was 7 lb 4 oz. here are some other stats I took notes on:

2 weeks old was when the worst crying from the reflux occurred..yuck
2 1/2 weeks-she went two 3 hr stretches at night, took two pretty good naps (break from screaming..haha)
2 weeks old-Mommy and daddy took a trip to Barnes and Noble and Zaxbys...she slept in the sling the whole time while we enjoyed walking around outside.
3 weeks-Daddy back to work
3 1/2 weeks she slept 4 hrs straight at night for the first time
3 1/2 weeks-Randi and her mom FORCED me out of the house, and treated me to a pedicure...Daddy stayed to babysit! =)
4 weeks old-Ultrasound of Sadie's belly to check for any other condition that might be causing the vomiting, spitting and gurgling...found nothing other than bad reflux!
By the end of this month, we were in a good routine of eating every 3 hrs, taking a nap, waking, and repeating. ha!
Here are some pictures from the first month.

Long time no post...

So, I haven't posted since BEFORE she was born...the first month of Sadie's life was such a blur, that of course I didn't have the time or energy to post. Then as each day went by, I kept thinking...I need to make a post on our blog, but just NEVER have gotten around to it. Here she is almost 4 months old, and HERE I AM! I plan on doing a post for each month that I've missed out on!

Here goes nothin!