Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sadie's room

Welcome to Sadie's nursery! This is the view when you walk in the door. We can't wait to meet her in...9 days...unless she decides otherwise!!

This is her crib. My wonderful husband applied the decal. I was so nervous that I had to leave the room...those things make me nervous!!

Here's an up close of one of my projects. Cute little birdie.
Dresser/changing table. I copied the idea of framing fabric above my shelves and changing table/dresser from the PB Kids catalog picture below. I love copying! =)

This last shot is of the wall across from the window. A friend found these canvases for me..they look great in the room! I framed a pretty diaper cover and booties that were a gift. They were just too pretty to put in a drawer!
Now, all we need is a baby to complete this nursery. Come on Sadie!! We're ready for you!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Almost 37 weeks!

So we've almost made it to the "full term" mark....time flies! Well, actually it feels like I've been pregnant forever! I'm so thankful that the Lord has given me a healthy pregnancy, and even this far along, I'm feeling great!
This is a picture right before we left for my 36 week doctor's appointment. We had a great appointment this past week and were able to have an ultrasound. Her estimated weight right now was 6 lb 9 oz-which I'm told is usually about a pound heavy when estimated by ultrasound, so she's probably just about to be 6 lb. They've projected her weight to be about 7 lb 9 oz, which really means she'll be in the high 6's. Everything is looking great...except she has decided to flip into the breech/transverse position! That stinker was head down two weeks ago! I guess she still has room in there to do her flips and turns! Praying she decides to go head down, or else we'll probably have a c-section at 39 weeks....which is in 2 weeks. AH!

I'm in crazy mommy mode around the house...making sure we're stocked up on everything and wanting every cabinet and drawer to be organized. We finally finished the nursery this past weekend, so that feels grrrreat! I know that this silence around the house will change in about two weeks...and we couldn't be more excited. Could we have an Easter baby? It looks like it! What a blessing!

For now, Pepper is enjoying the last weeks of being the princess of the house...Smokey doesn't have a clue either poor guy! I know they'll be great with little Sadie when she's here! They'll just have to get used to not being the babies of the house. ;)