Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One year!! (plus more)

Well, I slacked and didn't blog last month! A lot has happened since my last post! We went down to Florida to celebrate Bella's birthday around when Sadie was 11 months.  She LOVED time with her cousin.  They played, hugged, interacted, and just loved being together.  Around 11- 11 1/2months Sadie started being ablle to go from squatting to standing on her own.  This was a big step! ha!  We had her year pictures done with Mrs. Lloyd while in Florida...this was the HAPPIEST photo session we've had to date!  I think it helped that Bella and Whitney were making her smile and laugh the entire time!  We've noticed this spring that Miss Sadie has some allergies, so I always make sure to bathe her after we've had a long time outdoors!

We celebrated her birthday a week early so that we could have the most amount of family in town!  We loved celebrating with those friends that are as close as family as well!  It was such a celebration of this sweet life!!  We Enjoyed going to the hospital to say THANK YOU to the nurse that was with us the entire day of delivery last year!  What a scary day!  She was so excited to see Sadie and took her around to see all the nurses.

The day of her birthday, Grandma Cline took us to lunch, and when she woke up from her nap, John was home early from work!  We took Sadie for her very first pizza, and then to play at a new playground near our house.  They have wooden rocking horses that they turned into baby swings! She LOVED it!  The day after her birthday, we took her to the children's museum in town. She LOVED pushing around the shopping carts at the "market", splashing in the splash table, crawling and climbing on all that mats, and exploring everthting she could!

A little before she turned a year, she began standing for long periods of time.  She can stand and drink her sippy cup for long periods of time.  She hasn't taken that first step, but it's only a matter of time!!  She doesn't like when we hold her hands to walk, she pulls them away and would rather stand there on her own! So, I guess little missy will decide when she wants to walk!

She has a hilarious personality.  She babbles all day long.  She understands phrases like "Go get the ball, go find the doggies, go get your water," etc.  She does exactly what I'm asking her! haha  She recently added "Baba" to her vocabulary meaning WATER! No, she doesn't drink out of a bottle, but I guess that's her water!  At about 11 1/2 months I gave her a sippy of whole milk. She GOBBLED IT DOWN and wanted more.  So, between 11 1/2 months and now about 12 months and a week, we are down to two nursing sessions per day and 2 sippy cups of water.  The Dr told us today to start giving her about 16 oz of milk per day.

She continues to be a GREAT eater. We haven't found anything she doesn't like...we say that every month!  I gave her scrambled eggs this past week for breakfast and she loved it!  So now her breakfast is a little oatmeal, an egg, and some type of fruit-this week strawberries.  For lunch, I give her some type of meat (usually shredded chicken from a whole chicken I bake her, or turkey), cheese or yogurt, fruit, and usually some bread/toast.  For dinner, she has been eating what we eat. Last night we had fish, risotto and broccoli.  She ate it all and loved it! She probably ate more broccoli than her Daddy!  Sometimes if dinner is something that is too heavy, I'll just feed her something similar to lunch, or feed her part of our dinner.  She drinks milk at lunch and dinner.  Toward the end of her meals (at home and when we're out) she starts CLEARING HER TRAY with her hands...I mean throwing stuff EVERYWHERE. So we are working on that, and being firm with her.  Dinner is OVER at that point. HA! =)

Her little strong will has started in the past few weeks.  She knows that outlets are a no no (even when covered, dog bowls, the TV, etc.  Yesterday was quite the day of guiding and disciplining...Haha.  She knows after I say "no touch" and redirect her that it's funny to go back and keep doing it.  So, we talked to the doc about when discipline becomes affective ....and he said NOW! ha  He said when she does something that coule be dangerous-pulling a glass bowl from cabinet, banging on the big tv, etc, to make her mad for 1-2 min (whatever that means for us-time out, little pop, or both), and to be consistent. So it begins people!! =)  We had a few times yesterday when it was hilarious to her to put her mouth on outlets and look to see if I was watching. oh dear!

Her stats from her 1 year appt (she's about 1 year and a few days)

Weight: 20 lb 15.5 oz (about 50%tile)
Length:  30.25 inches (about 80%tile)
Head 18.5 inches (about 90%tile) haha

She grew 3INCHES since February 10th! Go girl!!! I knew she was eating a lot! =0)
7/7:30 Wake/nurse/breakfast-oats, egss, fruit
9ish Nap (1 1/2 hrsish)
11:30ish Lunch
1:30ish Nap (about 2 hrs)
We are starting to move her dinner to 530 when John gets home, but the past several months she likes to eat at 430/5
6:30 Bath
(sleeping about 12 hr every night-or more-what an ANGEL)

We are just LOVING this stage.  She is SO interested in the world around her.  She LOVES splashing in any type of water, turning on faucets, and the newly discovered hose outside.  She absolutely LOVES pulling clothes out of laundry baskets, drawers, etc. She loves pulling anything out of anything like it's her job! ;)  I dont mind...I think she's gonna be a big helper..she thinks she's helping..sweet thing!  She ADORES her puppy dogs.  She and smokey will roll around together.  When she's sleepy she will lay on him on the floor. She loves pepper more than pepper loves her, but maybe one day Pepper will accept the love. =)  She is quite the dancer, and starts shakin that booty to any music she hears.  Mommy loves a good dance party in the kitchen while cooking dinner...somteimes thats the only way we make it til Daddy gets home!!  She loves to swing, and loves doing anything outside!!  She copies words that you say-or tries to-and is the most SOCIAL creature I've ever met. A publix trip is the greatest thing ever, because every person she sees is a new friend!  She says "eh eh eh!" (hey!) and waves to everyone!    She's not particularly fond of me dropping her in the nursery at church or the Y, but settles down after a few minutes...or so they say...as soon as they start giving her her lunch..HA!   We are so blessed to have this little one in our family and look forward to many more fun days and years ahead as she grows up!! What a little JOY she is to us every day!  Some nights we hold off bedtime because she is SUCH a sweetie and we want to hang out more. ;)