Thursday, October 13, 2011

Skipping ahead to 5 months!!

Ok, so I've been such a slacker with blogging...I've been taking notes as things happen, but just haven't sat down to blog! So, instead of going back and trying to catch up, I'm going to skip ahead to where we are now! Then, one day I'll go back and document the 3rd and 4th month of her life! =)

She turned 5 months in late September...and boy has she changed into a big girl since her 4th month!!

The biggest news since she turned 5 months....WE HAVE TWO TEETH! She was suppppper fussy a few weeks back, so I thought it might be coming...we left her at the sweet Boyett's house so we could go to small group a couple of weeks ago...and she screamed THE.WHOLE.TIME. we were gone...Soon after that night...not one...but TWO teeth popped up on the bottom. Of course, just in time for her 6 month pictures with the Lloyds (at 5.5 m), we didn't see too many smiles out of her that day-but being the incredible photographers that they are, and how pretty little Sadie is, I know every shot was a good one. =)

She's become a pro at rolling in all directions, using her feet to turn herself in circles...but not scooting just yet. She is SUPER aware of the world around her, especially when eating! I have to pretty much turn the lights down, the TV off, and not even talk while she's eating, or else she'll just look around, smile, and laugh. This started happening in her 4th month. She's getting sassy in her old age, and whenever we change her clothes or diaper loves to arch her back and scrunch her nose to let us know she doesn't approve!

Things Sadie Loves...
*She loves the dogs...she'd watch them all day! She loves to pet Pepper and grab handfuls of fur...and Pepper doesn't seem to mind at all!
*Bubbles.....I need to do a separate post for our beach trip, but her favorite thing at the beach was the bubbles in the fish tank! She could stare at those things for hours!
*Her bunny...she cuddles her bunny lovey at every nap and nighttime. This was a gift from a sweet couple from our old church in sweet to think of them each time she naps...sometimes it ends up covering her whole face as she sleeps...I used to freak out, but I realized SHE CAN BREATHE! haha
*Sleeping on her belly...this was a development in the middle of the 4th month I think...if she's super tired when we lay her down, she'll sleep on her back...but if she tosses and turns...she usually ends up face down on the mattress...and sleeps like a rock
*Her V-tech farm toy from her Mi Mi...this thing can do a MILLION different things...and somehow she finds a way to make it do all kinds of things on her own..thank you mi mi for hours of entertainment!
* Lately, her sounds have gone from her cute little screams (that started last month), to "b" "d", "y" (we're really trying to work on "mmmm" "MOOOMMMMYY")
*Being thrown up in the air (who doesn't like this!?)
*Being tickled...
*The TV...we don't watch tv all the time, I promise...but if that TV is on, her neck will turn to watch it...she's been like that since she was a tiny tike...
*Singing...any song that you sing to her, she loves! We turn our internet radio on in the kitchen to either the Passion station, or the toddler station...and sing like crazy fools (or more like I sing like a crazy fool) and she thinks it's the best thing ever!
*Church-we put her in the nursery a couple of months ago for the first time...and she usually ends up falling to sleep...but I'm sure there's some hard playing going on before that!

I just started putting her in the jumparoo-she's still trying to discover that it can bounce...and we are borrowing a jenny jump up from the sweet Lloyds, and so far she loves that too! Believe it or not, she still fits in her infant swing and loves it! I love that it has a feature to sit them up instead of always laying back-love a good swing!

We started cereal last week...yes...AT THE BEACH! She was just so ready, and when she's so ready, it doesn't matter if you're on vacation, you start solids! So, we started giving her rice cereal at one meal for a few days. Started with 1 T, then worked up to 3. Then, we worked up to 2 meals for a few days at 3 T. Now, we're doing 2 meals, and she eats between 3-4 T per meal. She eats like she's been eating off a spoon her whole life. She pounds her left arm on the high chair tray as she eats-not out of frustration, but just like she's in her groove and so happy. ha!

Right now, our schedule looks like this:

Wakes (between 7-7:30)
7:30 drinks about 8 oz
8:30 Nap (sometimes this nap is in the stroller on a run, other times in the crib-if it's in the stroller it's about a 45 min nap...otherwise it could be until it's time to eat or around 10)
10:30 Nurse, feed cereal
Play time
12ish Nap(this is usually her longest nap of the day-anywhere from 1 1/2 hrs-2 1/2 if we've been out in the mornin)
1:30/2 Nurse
3ish Nap (this is usually not very long-if she has a bad nap here...then she will be whiny to take a catnap around dinner, so I try to get at least an hour or so out of her!)
4:30/5 Nurse/cereal
Daddy's home! HIP HIP HOORAAAY
7:00/7:15 Bath
7:30 Nurse
8:00 Bed
This has been her schedule since about 4 months too. nothing has changed much since then, except that her longer afternoon nap, has gotten longer as she's gotten older. She will usually take one long nap during the day. If we've been at Bible study or play time with friends in the morning, I can usually count on her to have an at least 2 hr nap in the afternoon.

Well that was the longest blog post ever...but boy does it feel good to finally document some of my child's life! haha

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