Saturday, October 29, 2011

Someone's 6 months old!

Well, we had her 6 month check up yesterday, so there is a lot to report. But, before we talk about our sweet 6 month old, a lot has happened in the past few weeks.

This will be a month that we never forget. We lost a sweet sweet man in our lives-Papa Chip Lloyd. We visited them during our beach trip to Panama City, and were able to spend some wonderful time with him as he shot Sadie's 6 month pictures. We'll always cherish those memories made. The night that Papa Chip died (Friday), Sadie started getting a fever, which rose higher and higher as the days progressed. It reached 104.5 on Sunday, so we knew we needed to call the doctor back. The following Monday, we took her back to the doctor. They did some tests and determined she had the ecoli bacteria in her urinary tract and bladder. He shared with us that it wouldn't be wise for us to travel to Florida for Papa Chips memorial service. We were heartbroken, but we knew we needed to do what was best for Sadie. So, over that next week and a half, we watched her little fever go up and down, and she was pretty much glued to her momma. We are happy to be fever (and infection) free now! I was beginning to think she was suffering from separation anxiety or something because she never wanted to play by herself, and cried when anyone else held her! Thank goodness it was just her not feeling well! She's back to her normal (independent) self!
We enjoyed visiting with my family last weekend, and I was able to run my first 5k race since having Sadie! Whoo hoo! What an accomplishment (seriously!) Sadie enjoyed cheering everyone on with her MiMi, and sported the cutest little outfit that kept her warm (gift from Grandma Gorin)

We got a clean bill of health at the doctor yesterday, and got all of her shots (including the flu shot). We were expecting to have a rough night and day today...but so far, this little tyke acts like she didn't get any shots yesterday! The funniest part of yesterday for me was when God gave me a little blessing in that she didn't make ONE peep or cry during her catheter. Our last cath. was an awful experience, so I was dreading yesterday. Of course I prayed she wouldn't cry, but did I really expect for a little baby not to cry when they put a cath. in her? Of course I knew she'd cry. One of those times God reminded me to have a little more faith and EXPECTATION that he can and WILL answer even the smallest of requests.

So, here are our stats from the appointment: Height: 25.5 inches Weight 17lb 1.5 oz Head 17 in She's about 70th percentil in weight, and about 50 something in height.

Here are some of her latest milestones and interests:

*She is able to pick up her paci and put it back in her mouth (the week she turned 6 months)
*She sits up VERY well on her own to play with toys or friends, and rarely tumbles. When she tumbles, she could care less.
*She LOVES jumping in our jumparoo. A couple weeks ago was when she really got the hang of jumping like crazy! She would stay in that thing forever!
*She is starting to get the hang out of drinking water from her sippy cup. She can pick it up and "bite" the water out of it. Still working on tipping it back!
*She still loves watching and playing with the dogs. Now that she sits up, she really interacts with them.
*She has started to have her little hyper moments, where she'll roll all over me when we're skyping with family, make lots of noises "talking"
*She LOVES sitting in a highchair when we go out to eat, and the shopping cart when we're shopping! This is my NEW FAVORITE THING! She loves strolling around the store in the cart interacting with people, talking and smiling at them. She tries to turn her head backwards to see where we are going!
*She LOVES to giggle...she's ticklish on her feet, under her chin, and on her ribs. She CACKLES when you tickle her...
*Right now she's wearing 6 month clothes, and starting to wear 9 month. She's a long little thing! We recently moved up to size 3 diapers, and now all of her "business" stays in the diaper!

Speaking of her "business", we are happy to report that she has big girl doo doo. I know, TMI, but this is much easier to clean up, and many LESS outfits stained...HAHA! =)
Here is our schedule as of 6 months:

*7/7:30 Wake up and nurse (or take a pumped bottle of about 7 oz)
Then, we turn on our "Praise Baby" pandora station and eat solids!
1/4 of cereal, 2-3 oz fruit (we just started pear this week!)-Looking forward to starting oatmeal this next week
*PLAYTIME! (we love singing to our praise baby to start the morning)
*8:30/9:00 Morning Nap (about 1-1 1/2 hrs)
*10:30 Nurse (about 15-20 min), solids-3 oz of veggies or 2 oz veggies 1 oz fruit (so far we've had peas, sweet potatoes and pears-will start carrots and avacados this week!)

*PLAYTIME! (jumparoo, reading books, rolling around with the dogs) She has started "talking" whenever we're reading books, or when we have our music on. I'm starting to think she "gets it" We enjoy sitting outside and watching the dogs play, reading our books and Bible and listening to nature.
*12ish Afternoon Nap (1 1/2-2 hrs)
*1:30/2 Nurse (15-20 min)

Playtime/errands-I realized this week this is a great time to go out and visit or get some errands done. She's had enough sleep for the day, so she's happy and full of energy. She has started not needing to go back to sleep before John gets home. Usually she'd need a nap again around 3:30 or so, but now she can stay up! Fun!

*4:30 Nurse/Dinner solids
1/4 cup cereal, 2-3 oz veggies
*Daddy comes home from work! She smiles the biggest smile of the day when she sees him walk through the door!!! She even understands when the garage door starts to open, and I say "DADDYS HOME!" =)
*7:00 Bath
*7:15/7:30 Nurse
*7:45ish Bed!

She starts really winding down at 7 and there's hardly anything we can do to keep her awake! She knows it's almost bed time!

I am so thankful for such a fun loving, flexible, sweet natured baby! She is a baby FULL of joy, and just loves to watch people and be around people (especially kids). She is on a great schedule, loves her playtime, and is a great napper. I couldn't have prayed for a sweeter little girl who brings SUCH DELIGHT to my soul every day.


  1. What a sweet girl! I'm so glad you are writing all of this down. I wrote it all down for Lizzy and haven't written anything for Evie-and I swore I wouldn't be that mom. I need to plan an afternoon at Starbucks and write down every milestone I can remember.

  2. But, as you notice...I don't think I recorded ANYTHING for months 3 or 4! Now, I'm keeping a little Sadie journal and as little things happen here and there, I take note. Otherwise...I'd totally not remember anything! ha! =) I'm terrible at keeping up her baby book too....=)