Monday, March 19, 2012

10 months....(a little late)

So, we are almost 11 months, so I figured I should blog about 10 months!!! Once she hit 10 months, a lot more started happening developmentally! She started waving, clapping, REALLY imitating whatever sounds we make. She loves to "fake cough" when she hears us cough. She loves to just be independent. I have found her MANY mornings sneaking off to the bathroom to play in the toilet...and then pitches a fit when I pull her out of the bathroom! Hilarious. We did begin to wonder this month if we were seeing a nasty toddler stage because she would throw fits over ANY type of boundary, diaper change, etc. But it really was only bad for a week or so, around the time change! I'm convinced that time change threw her off BIG TIME.

She's lengthening the time that she's able to stay awake between naps, and pretty much has completely dropped her 3rd nap (late afternoon). This usually means that we might have some fussy spells until bed time, and bed time is usually pretty early (645/7), but she is sleeping GRRRRRREAT at night. Sometimes 12.5 hrs, but at least 12ish. A month or so ago, she was still waking and crying out a couple times a night. We wouldn't go in there, but she was still doing it, and would eventually put her paci in and go back to sleep. Now, she sleeps like a rock all night. In fact, somtimes I have to wake her in the morning! She sleeps on her side, back, and belly. What a big girl!

She is extremely social, and loves being around big kids. We have a lot of play dates during the week! She LOVES kissing everyone in sight. She leans in, opens that mouth and kisses!! haha She will kiss anything from a bear in a book, a friend, a picture of family, etc. She can cruise on furniture, but has only stood independently a few times. She can walk with her push walker! She LOVES dancing to music, clapping, and "singing". Whenever she hears clapping (like at church, ball game, etc), she claps and says her version of "yaaaaay!" So sweet. She also loves to slap her hand on furniture, etc., to music.

She is eating absolutely everything, and I'm amazed at how much she can still eat! She started eating "big kid" oatmeal a couple weeks ago for breakfast. She loves it with applesauce and strawberries/blueberries. She also looooves raisins. Her new favorite treat.

My favorite time of day is when we sing Jesus Loves Me to her before bed. She immediately puts her head on my shoulder when we start singing. She knows that means bed time!! We are so enjoying this sweet time with her. This is such a fun age!! We are loving every minute!

Our current schedule:
7:30ish Wake/nurse/ breakfast (oatmeal, fruit, apple sauce)
9ish Nap

10:30ish Wake/nurse (if we're going to gym, I'll feed her lunch too)
YMCA or Playtime at home
Lunch: chicken, cheese, green veggie (usually green beans or broccoli), fruit (usually apple)

Play time

12:30 or 1 Nurse then Nap

2:30ish/3 Wake (she usually sleeps 1.5-2 hr)

Play time!!

4ish Nurse
4:30/5 Dinner Usually chicken, cheese, orange veggie (sweet potatoes, carrot, mixed veggies chopped up), raisins, any fruit

Play time with Daddy!!!! =) Sometimes she'll wait by the backdoor with the dogs becaues they know Daddy is coming home. If I say, "where's daddy?" They will all go to the laundry room door and wait. So sweet. Sometimes I wait and cook dinner when he gets home if we have a fussy spell! =) But usually we eat right away, then have family play time!

6:30/6:45 Bath (about every other night unless she got nasty eating that day!!) =)

6:45-7:15 Bedtime-read a book, sing, pray, bed!! =)

I think it's so important to have that time after she goes to bed to not only straighten up (HA!), but to have time together to talk, hang out, watch "our shows" together, etc. Sometimes if she's happy, we'll keep her up until 7:30 or 8 just to have more time with her. ;) Yesterday afternoon after church, it was time for her nap. I NEVER rock her to sleep, because she just wants to be in bed. I think she just got used to that early on, and just likes to put herself to sleep. But yesterday, I was singing to her before her nap, and she snuggled up on me, and fell asleep on me. I definitely soaked up this time, and kept her asleep on me for quite a while....I just can't believe she's as big as she is, and almost a year old! I remember sitting in that recliner rocking her to sleep when she was sooo tiny, and when her feet barely hung off of me. Now, she's draped completely across my body lengthwise hanging off the chair. Amazing how quickly they grow up!!! She's such a sweetie!!!

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