Friday, February 10, 2012

9 months!

Sadie at 1 month....Sadie at 9 months....WOW!!

Ok, so even though I'm behind, I'm going to go ahead and post about Sadie being 9 months!!

So, around the time she was about to turn 9 months...everything started changing!! She was already crawling everywhere she wanted, but she discovered how to pull up to stand on everything-looking out the window, using the cabinets to stand, the fridge to stand (and look at her reflection and kiss it), the coffee table, play table-you name it, she uses it to stand up! She even mastered using my leg to stand up! She is a busy little lady, and loves every minute of it!

Here are her funny little Sadie traits:
-When music plays, she rocks back and forth, taps her leg with her hand, and "sings"
-She sings along with music in the car, and talks to herself.-Loves her beanie babies from Nana
-She is obsessed with crawling to the dog beds (with or without the dogs in them-and biting or licking the beds---ewwwwww)-Still figuring out the best DETOUR from this...she also loves crawling as fast as she can do the dog bowls. So far she hasn't eaten dog food...yet! She turns around to see if we see her, laughs and crawls's starting!
-She loves ELMO in fact, she said "elma" for the first time last night when I played a video on youtube
-She can say "mama" or "dadda" on command now
-She LOVES looking at picture frams and kissing them as if she knows who is in it
-She really listens to books now, looks at all the pictures, and interacts
-She loves looking into the fridge and freezer (and dishwasher)
-She can entertain herself forever with her toy basket-just picking toys out, playing, standing using her basket, and exploring. She's very independent!
-She absolutely LIGHTS UP when John walks in the door, or when she hears his voice on the phone. It was the cutest thing ever when he came home from being gone a week...she was so happy and confused when he walked in the door..but I've never seen her so excited!
-She plays at the YMCA sometimes when I work out, and they say she does a great job.
-She LOVES the bath..sometimes tries to stand up and crawl out...working on that!
-She will eat ANYTHING you put on her tray-any fruits (not banana) or veggies she LOVES-I've been baking and shredding her chicken and she LOVES IT. She loves toast too. I'm telling you, I don't know when she would ever refuse food! I asked the doctor about it today because the child could eat as much as an adult, and he said just feed her until she stops!! Unbelievable!
-She eats dinne before us, but we ALWAYS have more finger food for her during dinner-she wants whatever we eat, which is what we are transitioning to! The child could eat an entire pear or apple if we're out to eat-but, hey, it keeps her happy! =)
-Before I note her schedule, I want to document (for down the road) that we went through a phase for a few weeks when she was 8 months that she wanted to go to bed between 6 and 630 every night. There was no keeping her awake! I think it was the sleep before ALL of her development. I've heard that happens, but as soon as she started coming out of that is when she was pulling up and standing and crawling like a maniac!
Here is our current schedule:
7-7:30 Wake/nurse
7:30ish breakfast (oatmeal, applesauce, cut up fruit-peaches, pear, or apple usually), sometimes a piece of toast
9:00ish Nap
10:15/1020 Wake/nurse
Lunch: Applesauce and a green veggie, cheerios ;) Some type of cut up fruit
*A few days a week, I leave for the YMCA after I nurse her, and they feed her lunch there.
12ish Nap
1:30/2ish Wake/nurse
Play!! Sometimes we go on a walk or run at this time too
4ish Sometimes she wants a catnap-well most days-sometimes I feed her dinner around this time, then lay her down, other days I lay her down, then give her dinner

4:30 Dinner-nurse/solids
shredded chicken, sweet potato, cut up fruit/veggie, toast, rice cereal (that is seriously an example of what she'd eat..and more)
-I usually do yellow veggies at dinner (sweet pot, carrots, squash, etc)
*At this point, I don't even think about portions. Since I'm not really doing puree anymore, I feed her a mashed veggie in her rice cereal (like sweet potato), then she self feeds the rest, and I keep putting food on her tray until she stops! The doctor today said that's exactly what I need to do-that I can't overfeed her fruits veggies and meats!
I asked him about cheerios, etc, and he said as long as she's not eating al ot of them before a meal to ruin appetite, she's fine! Otherwise when we're out, or to keep her occupied, it's ok to throw some at her! HAHA =)

PLAY TIME! (she usually goes back in her high chair when we eat, and finishes eating some of her finger food-I have tried holding her off until we eat at 5:30, and she just can't wait!!) Now it's play time with Daddy! Oh, she loves crawling all over him! =)

6:30ish Bathtime (about every other night-sometimes every night!) She squeals and laughs as soon as that diaper comes off! What is it about babies being naked!? =)
7/7:15 Nurse, bed

She usually sleeps from about 7:15-7:15. Usually exactly 12 hrs give or take 10 or 15 min. LOVE THAT CHILD!!! =) She might wake up and make some noises or cry a couple minutes, but puts herself back to sleep. It's obvious she's just transitioning between levels of sleep, but she's a good girl about finding a comfy spot up in the corner of her crib, and sticking that booty in the air, and drifting off! =)

Doctor visit:
Today she weighed 18 lb 8 oz, 27. inches long, head was 18 inches! Girl has got a big ole head! =) She's gone from the 80th or 90th percentile down to the 38th or 39th! He said its totally ok and normal because she's on the go so much-and eating a ton! He wants her to weigh at least 20 lb by the time she's a year old!
Enjoy this little clip of her saying "mama" on command for the first time! =)

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