Tuesday, December 13, 2011

7 months...oops a little late! =)

Well, we're 7 months and counting now! We had a rough Thanksgiving with an upper respiratory virus (that she shared with the entire gorin family) So thankful we are healthy again!!! She is the sweetest little thing in the world (still). Trying to think what has changed since last month!! She absolutely LOVES the world of Puffs and MumMums. She can tear up a mum mum in a couple minutes. She has great hand/eye coordination. She can feed herself well (puffs/mummum), and has great coordination with toys. She wants to crawl SO badly, but hasn't started yet. She can defintely move herself around. Backwards, side to side, tipping from sitting to laying (gently), etc. She thinks the doggies are the greatest thing in the world still....LOVES bath time. She's started sitting upright in her baby tub, so its only a matter of time until we move her to the big girl tub!! She has started on some days only needing 2 naps, but some days still needs a 3rd one! She is very content playing by herself on the floor with toys, and can entertain herself for long periods of time. She talks to herself while she's playing and in the car. Almost mimicking our tone of voice. She loves to snuggle before bedtime, falling asleep with me on the couch sometimes at night for a little bit-sometimes I keep her longer on the couch than I should! haha =)
Here is her schedule:

Wake 7:30/8
Bottle/Solids: 2-3 oz fruit, 1/4 cup oats
930ish Nap
11 Wake and nurse
11:30ish Lunch (2 fruits 2 veggies)
1:00ish Nap
3ish wake and nurse
This is when we'll go for a walk or run
4:30ish Dinner solids (3 veggies, 1/4 cup rice cereal)
630ish Bath
645/7 Nurse
7/7:30 Bed

We are having the BEST time. I just love spending every day with her, and couldn't imagine life otherwise. She's having a blast with all of the Christmas festivities. She LOVES any Christmas lights, bows, ribbons, etc. She was the star at John's work Christmas party. Everyone (including the big boss man) was passing her around and loving on her. She decided to bite the boss's nose! We visited Santa at Santa's village, and probably got the most positive Santa response from a 7 month old baby! haha She just gave him the pouty lip when he looked at her. Not too shabby! We are looking forward to spending time with my family over Christmas in Nashville! She will be 8 months by the time Christmas rolls around...amazing how time flies!

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